Murder case Answer

Here is an update on Jacob Davidson’s case. Assuming Jacob Davidson may be innocent, I decided to look for other suspects while conducting my own investigation. My first lead was a photo of Courtney Bruce taken during the excursion. Courtney was found in black flats, but, in the photo, one can see pink hills. To change her shoes she probably went home. This means that murderer can be someone from the mansion.

Courtney Bruce had a disagreement with a gardener because of an incident during one of her tours. Although that incident could have caused huge damage to their careers, Evan Moorwick decided to forgive both of them. Ziyad Madani Nade (the gardener) didn’t have a motive. Moreover, he has a solid alibi. During the time of the murder, Ziyad was participating in the gardening competition and became a winner. He sent us a copy of his certificate. I called the judges to check it and they confirmed. The competition is rather prestigious for Moorwick, it was even mentioned in the newspaper.

Isabella Moorwick was another suspect. She thought that her husband was cheating on her with Courtney Bruce. Isabella was the one who sent Courtney a threatening note that we found in Courtney’s trash as the handwriting matched the one on Isabella’s person of interest form. However, we checked her alibi and she indeed was preparing for her son’s engagement. Her hairstylist gave us a copy of the receipt with the accurate time on it.

Because of the strained relationship between Henry Moorwick and Courtney Bruce, I decided to add him to the list of suspects. Henry Moorwick refused to talk to me without my supervisor and his lawyer. All I could do was dig through the database. There I found a penalty notice with a license plate from Henry’s person of interest form. The time on his penalty note is close to the time of the murder, thus Henry Moorwick isn’t the murderer.

During the interview, Henry gave me a new perspective on this case. Jacob Davidson could have another motive. Henry suggested that Courtney could have been the perpetrator behind the recent theft in Moorwick Hall and that Jacob Davidson might have been her associate. To find the truth, I needed to solve the case of mysterious theft in the manor. In the court’s archives, I found the stipulation of settlement with casino Vallee on Henry’s name. I noticed that the street on the penalty notice matched the casino address on the stipulation of settlement. The sum was also suspiciously close to the estimated cost of the painting stolen. After a further investigation, it was proven that Henry Moorwick is the thief.

After working through the list of potential suspects I came back to Jacob Davidson. From WhatsApp conversation (the phone’s number matches Jacob’s), it is clear that Courtney asked him to come to Moorwick. Despite his previous restraint order, Jacob had no motive to kill Courtney Bruce. They were friends, and Jacob has a girlfriend he is in love with. According to Jacob’s interview, Courtney wanted to meet with him to give him an envelope with a sensational discovery she made during her stay in Moorwick Hall. When Jacob found her in the park, she was already murdered. It was written in the police report that her bag wasn’t found near the body. However, in the photo, Courtney Bruce had a bag. That means the killer knew about the envelope and stole her bag to get it. Fortunately, Courtney hid the envelope in the inner pocket of her trench coat. The envelope became our main clue. However, it wasn’t easy to understand its contents.


Trying to find more information on Courtney and her work, I took a flyer from Moorwick Hall. Not only did it give me her schedule but also briefly introduced me to the history of Moorwick family. Current Moorwicks are not the most legitimate candidates for the family’s fortune. If Edwin Moorwick had a child, Evan wouldn’t get a penny. After learning this information, I was able to piece everything together. Courtney Bruce found the documents that prove her rights for succession. In the parish, there is a marriage record registered by F. Mason. Edwin Moorwick married Marion Bruce. Almost a year after it, Edwin went to the war, where he later died. Soon after he departed, Marion lost her life while giving birth to her son Edgar. The baptism ceremony was performed by A. Bowsher (a priest that came to Moorwick after F. Mason’s death). He wasn’t aware of that marriage record and gave the child mother’s surname.

With this, I was able to get the warrant to search Moorwick Hall. We found the missing candleholder in the chimney. Forensic expertise revealed that the candleholder had traces of the victim’s blood. Evan Moorwick confessed to his crime. When Courtney learned about the documents, she decided to talk with Evan. Wanting to be acknowledged as a part of Moorwick family, she told Evan she was going to pursue it legally. Although Courtney stated that she didn’t want money, Evan wasn’t convinced. He was scared to lose his position and wealth, so he decided to murder Courtney. Evan heard that she was going to meet with her exhusband, Jacob Davidson, and came up with a plan.

After providing himself with an alibi via zoom (the wrong time on his clock gave us a hint that his video was prerecorded), he was going to find Courtney in the park and murder her before Jacob’s arrival.

However, Courtney came back home to change her uncomfortable shoes. There wasn’t much time left until the meeting with Jacob. Evan had no choice but to hit her with a candleholder right in the corridor. Then he used the cart near the backdoors to move her body to the nearest bench. He washed the cart to get rid of the traces.

As Evan Moorwick had planned, Jacob Davidson became our prime suspect. If it wasn’t for your letter, I wouldn’t have started my own investigation. The real criminal would have gotten away and the innocent man would be behind the bars by now.

Thank you for your assistance in this case.

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