Murder on a cruise ship - tips and answer

BBC News report clue

Who has ties to Southend University? Why might they want to see its reputation ruined? And who might this unnamed member of staff be?


Cruise boarding pass clue

Natalia Price has taken a trip aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship before. Who else would have been on the ship at the same time as her?


Lighter clue

It's highly likely that whoever this lighter belongs to was the person to set fire to the kitchen on 06/04/22.
This lighter was issued to a person serving aboard H.M.S Argyll - in the Royal Navy.


Skin cell DNA

The skin cell at the crime scene matches suspect #5


Logic puzzle - extra clues

The Counterfeit Crook is a Pisces.
The Resentful Past Lover is either the first suspect or the last suspect.
The lottery winner is a multiple of 3.


Logic puzzle answer

Suspect 1 - the cheating husband (Libra)
Suspect 2 - the businessman (Aries)
Suspect 3 - the maid (Sagittarius)
Suspect 4 - retiree (Virgo)
Suspect 5 - heiress (Scorpio)
Suspect 6 - lottery winner (Gemini)
Suspect 7 - the vengeful widow (Aquarius)
Suspect 8 - the counterfeit crook (Pisces)
Suspect 9 - the midwife (Capricorn)
Suspect 10 - the resentful past lover (Taurus)


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